• B.A (Education) Arts: English Language,History,Religious Studies, French, Yoruba, Music and Fine Arts.
    • B.Sc. (Education) Social Sciences: Economics, Geography and Political Science.
    • B.Sc. (Education): Biology,Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.
    • B.Ed. Social Studies
    • B.Ed. Mathematics/Integrated Science
    • B.Ed. Language arts
    • B.Ed. Physical Education
  • BNSc. in Nursing Science

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    PROGRAMME TITLE: Bachelors' Degree in Education
    There is an indication in the National Policy on Education (1981) that the Federal Government recognizes the important roles expected of teachers towards the success of the country’s educational system. The policy statement puts it succinctly that “… no educational system can rise above the quality of its teachers”. Consequently, in order to produce teachers of high quality, teacher education programmes are expected to be designed and run to:
    • Produce highly motivated, conscientious and efficient classroom teachers for All levels of our educational system;
    • Encourage further the spirit of enquiry and creativity in teachers.
    • Help teachers to fit into the social life of the community and society at large and to enhance their commitment to national objectives
    • Provide teachers with the intellectual and professional background adequate for their assignment and to make them adaptable to any changing situation and;
    • Enhance teachers’ commitment to the teaching profession.
    It is now recognized that a large number of highly trained and well qualified teachers are needed in the country’s educational system. The attainment of such an ambition requires, among other strategies, the retraining and upgrading of the present corps of teachers.
    The only alternative open to many practicing non graduate teachers today for upward mobility in the profession in the circumstance is to seek to improve their academic qualification and professional studies through part time studies, without having to resign or lose their appointments. It is for this reason that this Bachelor Undergraduate B.A/B.Sc. (Education) and B.Ed Degree Programmes are designed.
    The Programme is grouped into the following course categories: B.A. Education in English, History, Religious Studies, Music, Fine Arts, Yoruba, French etc; B.Sc. Education in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics; B.Sc Physical Education; B.Ed Physical Education; B. Ed in Integrated Science, Language Arts, Social Studies; B.Sc Education in Economics, Geography, Political Science.
    The programme is designed to:
    • provide a unique opportunity for practicing non graduates to update their academic and professional qualification knowledge while on the programme.
    • be a positive response to demands by the Nigerian Union of Teachers and the various state Governments.
    • be self-sustaining and also to generate some additional income for the university.

    The objectives of the programmes which are essentially the same as the regular programmes are:
    • to prepare teachers who plan to make a career in teaching but could not take advantage of the regular training programmes for whatever reasons.
    • to produce graduate teachers with sound academic background and professional training to:
    o teach their subjects effectively in the school system
    o infuse creative imagination into teaching and learning activities and situation;
    o utilize their specialized training to provide leadership in critical self-assessment and leadership development of self-discipline, and
    o apply developed skills to enhance school and community relations.

    Candidates must have passes in any five (5) subjects at credit level including English Language (SSCE/GCE/NECO) or Merit/credit in teachers' Grade II Certificate with NCE credit/merit in two relevant teaching or professional subjects. Credit in O/L English Language or merit at Teachers 'Grade II Certificate is compulsory.
    Application is strictly online. Click here for more information
    School fees are paid via online mode. Check your Study Centre for more information
    (a) Candidates who qualify by the regulations of the Senate of Obafemi Awolowo University to spend three years in the regular programme will be required to spend FIVE years.
    (b) Candidates from affiliate Colleges of Education who qualify by the regulations of the Senate of Obafemi Awolowo University to spend two years in the regular programmes will be required to spend four years. These are products of the programme approved by the Senate for the affiliate Colleges of Education.


    The programme is for five Academic Session of weekend (Friday & Saturday) and holiday periods.


    Applicants must be nurses registered by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (RN/ RPN/ RM/RPHN etc). Applicants must possess West African School Certificate/ GCE with credit in five (5) subjects obtained at no more than two sittings .The subjects must include English Language , Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry, Candidates shall be invited for written and oral Interview.

    All Bachelor's Degree Nursing Students will take core courses which provide knowledge in basic Nursing Philosophy and Practice, Elective courses in Law, Sociology and Computer Science are taken, As part of the academic Bachelor's Degree programme, each Candidate would be required to go on 6 weeks community and hospital postings in their 3rd and 4th Year respectively, the Students would have designated Clinical Preceptors for this purpose they will be expected to have a seminar whereby they will share the experience they had throughout the period.


    MODE OF STUDY: Online and face to face.

    MODE OF PAYMENT: Online through eTranzact


    For details about the programmes, please call: +234 (0) 8111088498

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