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Executive Masters in Technology Management

Post-Graduate (Masters)

Specifically, the course is designed to:

  • Develop in students a critical understanding of how Science and Technology can be harnessed for economic development.
  • Enable students develop technology management strategy and link this with the overall business strategy and development.
  • Equip students with a set of management skills in technology that would be required to create and implement innovation and change in the various functions of their organizations.

A candidate with B.Sc. Hons. Degree with a minimum of second class lower division in engineering, technology and science. Candidates with Bachelors degree in Economics and Geography may be considered.

4 semesters (contact periods)

Executive Masters in Information Technology

Post-Graduate (Masters)

ICT is all about problem solving in all areas of human endeavours. A successful graduate of this programme needs many skills beyond the technical ones formed in the body of knowledge. He/She must have the ability to work productively in teams. The programme is designed to offer the practising personnel an opportunity to advance the sciences of computing at postgraduate level to meet the professional requirements for the practice of modern ICT. Therefore, the curriculum based on the aforementioned philosophy aims to:

  • Produce graduates with the knowledge of the process of abstraction, design and implementation that represents a vital component of logical thought within the field of ICT.
  • Offer liberal and professional education organized in such a way as to broaden the knowledge and skill of students.
  • Emphasize the critical roles of ICT in the nation building.
  • Create an ICT environment, which fosters the development of leadership skills especially for middle and senior management cadres.
  • Develop their skills in specialized areas e.g. e-commerce, e-governance, e-learning, etc

Applicants must possess a good degree in either Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electronic & Electrical Engineering with a minimum of Second Class (Lower Division) from OAU and any other recognised institutions; however, candidates with 3rd Class degree of OAU and any other recognized University with 3 years cognate experience may be considered for admission;
Applicants who possess a good degree in other related fields and with proven 3 years cognate experience in ICT may be considered.

The programme shall consist of four (4) semesters of weekend courses and individual project. Students will register for five (5) courses each in the first and second semesters. In the third and fourth semesters, students shall register for five and three courses respectively, while individual Project will come up during the fourth semester. The four semesters will be of intensive lectures, tutorials and laboratory practical.

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Executive Masters in Real Estate

Post-Graduate (Masters)

The Master of Real Estate (MRE) is an intensive weekend programme and taught over 2 contact sessions (Parts), starting in the first semester of the sessions. Completion of the Programme will lead to the award of a Degree of Master of Real Estate from the Obafemi Awolowo University.
The Programme will enable the students to:
• deal with new/recent and complex issues as well as advances that typically reflect the areas of specialization in the real estate profession.
• develop and enhance professional competence in real estate matters.
• continue to advance their knowledge and understanding and to develop new skills to a high level.
develop skills necessary for critical and analytical managerial decision making and problem solving

The programme, which is approved by the Senate of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, is designed for/to:
• allow professional whose time is at a premium and who can only spare limited time outside business.
• those seeking or holding senior management positions in the property and construction industries and wish to improve their professional and management performance.
• those who wish to advance their knowledge and acquire necessary tools essential for sound knowledge and effective real estate decision making.

Prospective candidates would be expected to satisfy the general regulations governing graduate programmes of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile – Ife.
In addition, the programme is open to:
a. Graduates of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile – Ife or any other approved University who possess not lower than a Second Class (Honour) Lower Division in Estate Management/Land Economics.
b. Candidates with first degree in Law, Economics, Engineering, Accounting, Banking and Finance, and other allied professionals in the Built Environment (Quantity Surveying, Building, Architecture, urban and Regional Planning, Land Surveying) who possess not lower than a Second Class (Honour) Lower Division degree.

Mode of Application or How to Apply
Online application is also possible
at the PG online application website address:

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Post-Graduate (Masters)
Nigeria’s health statistics is one of the poorest in the world, as reflected, among others, in the high maternal mortality ratio, high rate of child mortality, and low disability adjusted life expectancy. To address the country’s multifaceted challenges in the health field, there is an urgent need to develop appropriately skilled health professionals. While a number of regular (full time) Master of Public Health (MPH) degree has been developed in the country to partially address the issue of human resources development in the public health field, there has been a particularly poor response from Nigerian institutions to meet the need of the large number of health personnel who cannot afford to leave their employment and other professional engagements to undertake full time studies. This executive programme is designed to meet this challenge, and to provide high-quality and practice-focused professional education, which shall lead to the award of Master of Public Health (MPH). The programme shall focus mainly on the following aspects:
a. Health Education
b. Human Nutrition
c. Health Administration and Planning
d. Epidemiology and Disease Control
e. Population and Reproductive Health

(i) General Objective
The overall objective of the Executive MPH degree programme is to produce broadly competent Public health professionals who are equipped with relevant knowledge and skills to critically analyse public health challenges and propose as well as implements policies and programmes that would lead to reduction in disease burden and improvement in health and well being of individuals, households and communities.
At the end of the course, the candidate should be able to function effectively in institution of higher learning, research and service positions in government and no-governmental organizations involved in public health programmes in Nigeria and other countries.
(ii) Specific Objectives
The specific objective of the MPH course is to equip professional workers in the field of public health with skills in the following major areas:
1. Epidemiologic principles and its application to analysis of health situation of defined communities.
2. Planning and implementation of health services within the framework of Community-Oriented primary care
3. Management of health services delivery organizations
4. Design, implementation and evaluation of community-based programmes
5. Public Health practice, including health promotion and control of diseases
6. Research methodology and analysis
7. Policy analysis and formulation

The MPH Programme is open to graduates of medicine and other health-related courses, and who are currently engaged in public health practice. Candidates with at least a basic professional degree in Medicine, or dentistry of this University or any other recognized University, with at least 3 years experience in health care programmes are eligible to apply. Other graduates of health sciences such as Nursing, Biochemistry, Physiology and other related disciplines like Human Nutrition, Demography, Health Education, Environmental Health and Biostatics from a recognized university with at least 4 years of post qualification practical experience in the health field are also eligible to apply.

All MPH students will take core courses, which provide a common body of knowledge in basic Public Health philosophy and practice regardless of basic qualifications, professional interest or care objectives. Thus each candidate will be required to take all core courses (26 units) and a minimum of six elective courses (12-18) units from his/her track of specialization and related fields. Field work attachments and thesis constitute other mandatory aspect of the training.

Every candidate of executive MPH degree must pursue a full-time course of study for a minimum period of 4 semesters and a maximum of 6 six semesters based on a period of periodic in-class periods and weekend contacts. The course is designed as a combination of short resident (in-school) periods, periodic (weekends) contacts, and use of electronic materials. Reading materials, lecture notes and other relevant materials will be available in print and electronic form.
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